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Letterbox Tiles

Margan Tile Design offers a range of hand painted ceramic letterbox number and tile signs to make your home more identifiable.

Every home has a letterbox at the front of their home and is often the first thing that visitors might notice, so why not make sure that it has street appeal and adds style to your home and more importantly displays your house number in a clear and stylish way. 


Attaching letterbox numbers is the ideal way of making sure your home is identifiable and can be found. This is one of the first places a first time visitor, courier or delivery person could look to identify your address. Also it is very important for your house number to be seen by emergency services, ambulance, fire and police, not to mention to make life easier for your friendly postie.

These hand painted ceramic letterbox numbers come in two sizes. 60mm x 60mm for individual numbers with decorative ends, if required, and 95mm x 45mm for 2 or 3 numbers on one tile. If you would like to order the 95mm x 45mm tile with your house number, please email me with the number required and I would be happy to make it for you.

The postage cost for 1 letterbox number is $2.50 and $1 for each additional tile. To order double or triple letterbox numbers please email me to confirm numbers and to avoid extra postage costs. Payment can be made by direct deposit. Banking details will be given with order confirmation.

Double- sided weather resistant adhesive tape can be attached to your letterbox number also upon request for easy installation.

Add style to the entrance of your home, be safer and be found with beautiful ceramic letterbox numbers.