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         Geo House Numbers
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Geo House Numbers

The Geo range of ceramic house number tiles are hand painted with black and gold paint on a coffee coloured tile and are weather resistant.

These house number tiles can be bought individually but if you would like them mounted on timber for easy installation please order via the wooden backing section and then confirm your numbers with me via email.

The postage cost for 1 house number is $8 and $2 for each additional tile. To order double or triple house numbers please email me to confirm numbers and to avoid extra postage costs. Payment can be made by direct deposit. Banking details will be given with order confirmation.

Double- sided weather resistant adhesive tape can be attached to your house number also upon request for easy installation.

Buy separately to cement straight onto your home or purchase a timber backing with hook attached for easy installation.  Tiles will be glued on for you with weather resistant adhesive.