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Garden Signs

Hand painted timber herb and veggie signs are a great way to clearly mark and identify your herb and veggie garden. They are easy to see amongst the foliage as you just poke the rod into the soil at the appropriate depth and they are weatherproof.

These signs are made from marine ply and have 3 coats of Dulux Weathershield for long lasting protection.  They are practical and durable and make an attractive and stylish addition for  a garden to be proud of.

The sign itself is 4.5 cms x 9.5 cms  with the rod length of approx. 40cms.

Postage for the first sign is $5 and for each additional sign in the same order is $1 each.   For orders of multiple signs please email me with your order and payment can be made by direct deposit.  Banking details will be given with order confirmation.