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New Herb and Vegetable Signs

Margan Tiles now has a new product added to the website –Herb and Vegetable Signs .

Most of us now enjoy growing our own herbs to add some extra fresh flavour to our cooking.   Its fun and gets us outside in the fresh air and sunshine and is also a productive hobby.   Herb gardens can come in all shapes and sizes – from garden beds, large pots, stackable pots and even smaller pots for indoors as well.   Vegetable gardens supply us with our favourite salad foods and veggies and we know we are eating fresh food as opposed to something that has been stored or frozen for a period of time and sprayed with insecticide.

Herb and veggie signs are a great way to keep track of what you   are growing and add interest and style to our gardens or pots.

These signs are made from marine ply and have 3 coats of Dulux Weathershield for long lasting protection. They are practical and durable and make an attractive and stylish addition for a garden to be proud of.
The sign itself is 4.5 cms x 9.5 cms with a rod length of approx. 40 cms.

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